Cake Smash Session


Lyndsey, Photographer
11 June 2014

Little Miss Cara wasn’t quite feeling herself on the day of her Cake Smash session (nasty teeth!), so we rescheduled for the next day. A massive benefit of having a freshly baked cake from the wonderful, local, baker, Mrs Mo’s Delicio’s is that it will last for up to a week rather than a supermarket cake which has been sat around for days before you buy it! The cake was just gorgeous, it was almost a shame to smash it…but where is the fun in that?!

Cake Smash Session Take II and she still wasn’t quite sure to begin with, but with the help of daddy she came out of her shell a little bit!

and of course, as soon as the cake came out there was no stopping her! She dug straight in and was having a great time!

Obviously buttercream and cake makes one large mess…but never fear! That’s when bath time starts and this is when Cara REALLY started to enjoy herself!