I hear wonderful things about coconut oil all the time (I have a teeny tiny Pinterest obsession) and see all about the health benefits but what can it do for my skin? I was extremely fortunate to win a competition and I was able to try Kokoso Baby for myself and wow, I was bowled over!

Not only is the packaging purple which is a massive bonus (i love pretty much anything purple!), the product itself is just fantastic. I don’t have babies anymore but I do have ridiculously dry skin so thought it would just be for me, but actually it’s dealt with a whole range of family skin issues ranging from said dry skin to sun burn, for all 4 of us. My skin feels amazing and I’ve tried so many moisturisers over the years that just can’t cut it.

Since it is 100% natural organic coconut oil made especially for baby skin, it’s perfect for cradle cap, new baby dry skin or even as a nappy cream.

Here are some ways Kokoso say their oil can be used:

Dry skin

If your baby has dry skin, applying Kokoso Baby regularly throughout the day may help to hydrate and nourish them. A wonderful natural emollient for dry skin, virgin coconut oil has also been known to be helpful for skin conditions such as eczema.

Bottom balm

Lavish our coconut oil on your baby’s bottom at every nappy change to keep skin squidgy and soft.

Baby’s sore creases

Soothe sore creases by dabbing a dash of Kokoso Baby on troublesome areas.

Flaky newborn skin

Safe to use from day one, you can nourish the flaky skin of your newborn by smoothing on some Kokoso Baby.

Baby massage

Recommended by baby massage teachers, Kokoso Baby is the perfect oil to use for massaging your little one whilst also nourishing and protecting their precious skin – whether at a class or as part of your baby’s relaxation routine before bed.

Picture of Kokoso Coconut oil pot

Don’t just take my word for it! Give it a go! You can buy it direct or even in Boots!

Thanks to Lauren, I have a pot of Kokoso to giveaway! So if you wish to give ‘the only coconut oil specifically chosen for baby skincare’ a go, why not enter?

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