When do newborn sessions take place?

The best time to photograph your baby to achieve the squishy images you see in the gallery is between 4 – 14 days.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

All newborn sessions take place at the studio which is located just off the A49 in Callow, Herefordshire, just 3 miles outside of Hereford city centre.

How do I book?

Give me a call, or get in touch via the contact page. It couldn’t be simpler!

When will I see the pictures?

At the end of your session we will book your ‘Image Reveal’ for 7 – 10 days after your session takes place where you will come back to the studio to look at your baby’s images for the first time and place your order.

May I purchase any of the digital files?

Of course! You can either purchase digital images either from the a la carte menu or as part of a collection.

How long does a shoot last?

A newborn session can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how the baby sleeps and whether you wish to include sibling and family shots.

May I bring props that are sentimental to our family?

Please do! I love it when I can bring the personal connection to your images. I do ask that you either bring them along to the consultation or send me a photo of them before the session so I can have a think about how to work it into the session.

Can I decide on the colour themes?

You sure can! Colour schemes will be discussed during your consultation. We will also cover your home décor and whether you wish for your images to compliment it.

If my baby will be naked, what if he does a poo?!

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s ok! Everything your baby comes into contact with has been washed since it’s last use. It’s completely normal to have blankets with poop and urine on them and even if they don’t, they still get washed for hygiene reasons.

What should my baby wear to the photo shoot?

We can start the session with your with a plain white baby-gro. For the rest session they do not need to wear anything. If you wish for them to be photographed in a specific outfit please bring that along.

If my baby arrives before or after my estimated due date? What happens to my session?

That’s fine! Babies rarely come on time. I pencil your due date into my diary when you book, it doesn’t mean that your session has to take place on that day, it just means that I will not over book myself so that once your baby arrives we can fit you in in the tight time frame that we have.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

Newborn sessions are for babies up to 14 days old, the ideal time to photograph your baby is when they are between 4 – 10 days. After this it becomes harder, although not impossible, to get them into the squishy poses you see in my gallery.

When should I book my newborn session?

Due to the short window we have once baby arrives, it’s best to book your session whilst you are still pregnant.

How much is a newborn baby photography session?

The fee for a newborn session is £95.

How much should I expect to pay for my photos?

You only purchase what you love, so what you spend is what your budget allows. Some people spend £400, some people spend £3000. There is no hard sell, what you want is what you buy. All I do is take the beautiful photographs of your baby.

Do you come to my house for the newborn session?

No, due to the amount of kit required for a newborn session, all sessions take place at the Studio, in Callow. This allows me to have everything I require on hand as well as ensure the room is the correct temperature.

I’ve seen a pose on your website that I would like you do with my newborn, is that possible?

Of course! We discuss your ideas for the session during the consultation before the session takes place, if you have seen an image of mine that you love, please do let me know! Your baby leads the session, and every baby does not like every pose, so whilst I can try my best I cannot guarantee the same results.

What happens if my baby doesn’t sleep?

It’s completely normal for your baby to be awake during the session, and sometimes can become a little fussy. Sometimes all they need is a little feed and they will drift straight back off. The most important thing to remember is the session is baby led, so if your baby doesn’t feel like sleeping then we can work around this.

What if my baby needs feeding during the session?

We will start the session with a feed so your baby is full. It’s more than likely that we will need to take a feeding break at some point during the session.

What is the temperature in the studio?

WARM! The studio will temperature will be maintained at a comfortable heat for your baby. It will more than likely be too warm for us but since your baby will be naked its important that the temperature is warmer than usual.

Can I bring my other children?

Yes! All newborn sessions include sibling and parent set ups at no extra cost

Still have questions?

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