Finding out the sex of your baby – the pros & cons

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finding out the sex of your baby

the pros & cons

You can find out the sex of your baby between 16 and 20 weeks, but whether you should or not is often up for debate.

With both my daughters, I found out. I’m way too impatient to wait for 9 whole months, I hate surprises! With baby #2 everyone was convinced she was a boy since I ‘carried differently’! The two pregnancies couldn’t have been much different, but the old wives tales proved to be wrong.

More and more hospitals are making the decision not to reveal the sex of baby, so is it worth paying for a private gender reveal?


The pros of finding out

Early surprise
If you are like me and WAY too impatient, you’ll totally get on board with the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you find out at 20 weeks or find out when your baby is born, you get a surprise – so why wait?

Choosing a name is hard enough as it is without having to think of a boy AND girl name!

Personalise items
Once you have that name locked in, you can buy the most adorable keepsakes with baby’s name on!

More connected
If you are feeling ill during your pregnancy, finding out the gender of your unborn baby can help you feel a connection

Help your other children connect
If you have children already, it can really help them understand what changes are coming if they can visualise their new baby brother or sister.

Decorate nursery
Some themes are gender specific, so if you have your heart set on one that may not work for a boy

Whilst you may not feel the need to go all out stereotypically pink or blue, it can be nice to buy something that is!

Gender reveal party
Make a big deal of finding out by throwing a gender reveal party

Why I want to find out my baby’s sex


I couldn’t wait to find out what I was having, I had my names all picked out and I knew that whatever sex they told me it was a blessing regardless. I loved knowing I was having a girl and calling her by her name when talking to her. Made me feel more prepared for her arrival

I just had to know at the earliest opportunity. I like to be organised and have things done & ready in advance with nursery colours and clothing etc. But that’s just me as a person having to have structure & organisation

I’m too impatient not to find out! We found out with both of ours, we have a boy and a girl.

I just wanted to know with my first. Wasn’t too fussed about a surprise and probably too impatient. I liked the idea of being able to plan and buy the stuff I wanted once I knew. Then when no2 came along it just made sense to find out again to see if I needed a whole new set up or could keep the majority of what I had. I have 2 girls now and would not have changed the way I did it. Loved knowing we were team pink and looking for names.

The pros of not finding out

Traditional surprise
In a world of instant gratification, its nice to keep something sacred and to make a traditional announcement with your babies sex, name and weight.

Keeping the surprise can help you focus and give you extra motivation during labour.

No gender stereotype gifts
The go to gift tends to be clothes, by not giving anyone details they will either dig deep and buy something more thoughtful or plain clothing

No mistakes 
Gender Scans are not 100% accurate so there is always a chance that even if you do find out, you may still have a surprise when your baby is born, by not finding out you do not have any expectations.

Why I didn’t want to find out my baby’s sex:

I didn’t want to find out cuz it made it even more of a surprise not knowing and made it more exciting

We didn’t find out. We decided there isn’t many surprises in life you get and this was the one thing that no one could ruin for us

I had a surprise with both of my girls! It was so lovely and exciting not to know and it was exciting for my family too!


We didnt want to find out at all – hubby and I both didnt want to know – we wanted a surprise when they were handed to us. Also were very traditional – so perhaps this was also a reason behind it.

There is no wrong or right answer to the debate and it’s definitely a personal choice. Amazingly, out of the 20 people I asked, 10 were pro finding out and 10 were pro not finding out!



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