As of October 1st 2017 Shooting Star Photography is now Lyndsey Smith Photography

View of Hereford Cathedral from old bridge. Hereford Photographer, Herefordshire

I’ve been a Hereford photographer for just over 2 years. I originally hail from Lancashire but we moved to the area 3 years ago, we have lived in various places around the UK and spent 6 years living in Germany.  Never have I lived anywhere that has quite so much traffic….all. the. time…oh and the rain, what is with all the rain??

So, we moved just outside the city, where our neighbours are a mixture of people and sheep so that we see the real beauty that is Hereford more often! It’s so peaceful here and has a stunning view (if you ignore the power lines!)

Hereford Photographer, Image of Hereford sunrise

A few things I like to do in and around Hereford.

I mostly like to wander!

Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum.

Just a teeny tiny drive away, Queenswood is a lovely place to visit.

It has a few, easy to follow trails, and whilst they can get quite muddy its nothing a pair of wellies can’t handle! If you are thinking of taking a baby round, I’d suggest either an all terrain type or a backpack type carrier.

Once you reach the top, there is an amazing panoramic view.

The play park is great for older children and there are even few BBQs …if you aren’t feeling that adventurous you can just nip into the on-site cafe!

River Wye

I actually just like to walk up and down the river! I love to just watch the water rush by, it’s so relaxing and can really help clear your mind.

River Wye, Hereford, Herefordshire by Hereford Photographer Lyndsey Smith

Bishops Meadow

When it’s not full of water it’s a lovely place to take a relaxing walk.

Bishops Meadow, Hereford, Herefordshire by Hereford Photographer Lyndsey Smith

yes, those are goal posts in the middle of the ‘river’ as it also doubles up as a football field!

Hereford City

I have two favourite shops in town.

Coco’s Vintage Living.

Located in Church Street, I love this shop, it has a wonderful homely feel to it and is packed with amazing items, old and new. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston too so will just pop in for a browse of the pretty bags!


Full of random things like my brain, enough said! 😉

The Old Market is a great addition to Hereford and is usually my first stop,  the new Odeon is fantastic and the food options are great.

When I get the chance I will always pop into the Coffee Cart Co for a cosy latte (using a whole weeks worth of calories no doubt, but totally worth it!) and a fruit teacake.

Coffee Cart Co Ltd, Hereford, Herefordshire by Hereford Photographer Lyndsey Smith

My list isn’t very extensive, but I have found a whole heap of things I want to try on Trip Advisor, so perhaps I will make this a blog series. I especially like the idea of a tour of the Chase distillery, that sounds like a fantastic day out. Wine tasting is wasted on me, but vodka tasting sounds like the best thing that could ever happen in a day!

The images in this post were all taken with my iPhone and most of them can be found on my instagram account. Follow me and I promise to start using it again! 🙂

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As of October 1st 2017 Shooting Star Photography is now Lyndsey Smith Photography