How To Book

a newborn session when you dont know when your baby will be born

Babies are unpredictable – That’s no secret! It’s estimated that only 4% of babies are born on their due date, so how do we book a date for a newborn photography session when we don’t know exactly when your baby will arrive?

Simple – flexibility! When you book a session, you are booking a date in my diary. I only book a limited amount of newborn sessions each month to ensure that regardless whether your baby arrives early, late, or even on time, we can schedule a session within their first two weeks.

Given this small window, it’s best to book your session whilst you are pregnant, usually just after your 20 week scan, to ensure availability, as not only do your first two weeks with a new baby go by in a flash, before you know it and you may have missed the opportunity to have squishy, sleepy photographs of your baby.

Once baby is here, all your need to do is contact me as soon as you can after your baby arrives so we can schedule an exact date. Don’t worry, you won’t forget, you will be super excited to tell as many people as possible about your new, beautiful baby! The sooner you can get in touch after the birth of your baby, the more dates you can choose for your session.