Newborn Safety First

I have a new favourite pose! I’m sure you will agree, it’s amazing 😀

Newborn baby posed in dads hands

As a trained newborn specialist, baby’s safety is paramount throughout each and every session, so this pose is not as it appears. If dad was to hold baby up in the air as the image suggests, baby could startle or perhaps even have a wee which would cause dad to jolt and could easily be dropped.

There are lots of newborn images on Pinterest that look beautiful, but if they are attempted by someone who is not trained to know that they are not shot as they appear, be it either a composite or like this pose, edited to create the desired look, baby may end up injured.

The image is straight out of the camera, I have not edited it in any way at all. As you can see, baby is quite safe and lying on her side on the beanbag.

Safety First - Newborn Photography baby in dad's handsWhen you are choosing your newborn photographer, please ensure they know how to handle and pose a newborn safely and do not be afraid to speak to your photographer or end a session if you feel they are not working safely.

If you are looking to book a newborn session, please do get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation, consultation. The best time to book your fine art portrait session is whilst you are still pregnant as sessions take place when baby is between 4-14 days. Call me today to book your consultation