Older Newborn Sessions

what happens when baby is over 14 days?

7 February 2018
If you haven’t booked a newborn photography session whilst you are pregnant, you may find that you have missed the boat for your newborn to be photographed during their first two weeks.

The first 6-10 days is the optimum time to photograph new babies as they are still in their sleepy, curly, stage. But there are all sorts of reasons why it’s not always possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get beautiful newborn photographs of your baby

Many clients who get in touch when baby is over two weeks old have either had a complicated delivery, not been up to leaving the house or baby has had to spend time in the neonatal unit. If this happens, we just schedule a time once mum and baby are both out of hospital.

If you simply had not thought about newborn photographs until your baby arrived, you may find that I do not have any spaces in my diary to fit you in within the 14 day window. However I am happy to offer you a later date when I do have space. I will still be able to capture beautiful images of your baby that you will treasure forever.

If we do not manage to get sleepy shots, that’s ok! 

I just love that I get a wider range of open eye shots – babies have such amazing eyes! I love to capture their little features too, AS they will have already grown so much in their first few weeks.

If you are considering booking a newborn photography session and are worried that you have missed the window, please do get in touch. I do still recommend you book your session whilst you are pregnant so you can come in for a pre-session consultation and we can start planning for a great session and you know exactly what to expect.