FMS Photo A Day: Week 4

Wow, I made it to week 4! It’s such a tough challenge when you have other commitments but I will make it to the end of January!


JANUARY 19 2015

Homemade. When we moved into our house it had been rented out for a long long time. Stripping wood chip off the walls is NOT fun but all part of the ‘making a home’ process!


JANUARY 20 2015

Window. It was raining, again so I a perfect opportunity to capture some raindrops whilst I was in the car! (parked!)


JANUARY 21 2015

In A Row. Stitching on my car seat


JANUARY 22 2015

Collection. I likes Vodka in pretty bottles!


JANUARY 23 2015

Something Far Away. The hills are so far away, on a misty morning they cant even be seen!


JANUARY 24 2015

Play Time.


JANUARY 25 2015

Black & White. I may be 32 but I’m still a little childish when it comes to things like funny number plates! I saw this on holiday and knew it would come in useful for something!


If you want to play along with fat mum slim‘s Photo A Day, this is the weekly prompt for week 5, starting today, Monday 26th January 2015