Woohoo!! It’s my last week!! I have really enjoyed my challenge but there is no way I could continue and do it for a whole year!

My final weeks prompts


JANUARY 26 2015

Three Things.


JANUARY 27 2015

Morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…perhaps not one this unhealthy but it’s soooooo good!


JANUARY 28 2015

Strange. By now my motivation is wavering! I couldnt think of anything…epic fail!


JANUARY 29 2015

Summer/Winter. My favourite iPhone picture of my girls because for once they are being nice to each other and not arguing! Music is good for the soul!


JANUARY 30 2015

Fave food. Pizza. I don’t think it needs any further explanation!


JANUARY 31 2015

On Top. I really love simple photographs, so a beautiful halo ‘on top’ of baby’s head is all it takes to finish the image perfectly.