Framed Canvas

Lyndsey Smith
Owner | Photographer

18 November 2016

The Framed Canvas is by far my favourite product..ever! Each year I change up my products, but the Framed Canvas has stayed on the product guide for two years now, it’s going nowhere!

These days a canvas is one of those products that you think you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…but no! It’s simply breathtaking. Everyone who comes into the studio comments on just how beautiful it is.

Since it’s debut in January 2015, there have only been a handful of newborn clients who have not ordered one at their viewing & ordering appointment. It is just stunning!

“My Framed Canvas is just amazing, I cannot stop looking at it!”

This hand stretched fine art canvas will never fade or discolour over time, so there is no need for protective glass.  and is available with black or white wooden frame.

If you are looking to dress your home in beautiful images of your baby, please get in touch