Shooting Star Photography

is now Lyndsey Smith Photography!

1 October 2017
The last five years have been incredible for Shooting Star Photography but it’s time for a change!
It’s still me, with the same great service, just a new name.

Why the change?
Over the years Shooting Star Photography has evolved so much. It’s a huge part of my life, each and every session is personally designed, planned and shot by me. I want the name to reflect this.

A look back at the beginning of Shooting Star Photography
Shooting Star Photography was born with an awesomely terrible DIY logo back in 2012. Over the following 12 months I photographed many families and discovered my love of newborn photography. In January 2014 I  began to specialise in newborn photography and trained with one of the UKs leading newborn trainers.

How things have changed over the years
Over the years I have seen a massive change in style. I have always been drawn towards natural images but now it’s so important to me that these beautiful baby photographs do not sit on a USB stick in a drawer until the drive faults and you can no longer use them, so I have spent the time hand selecting amazing, printed products from boxes of prints to stunning wall displays so you will treasure them forever .

A look forward at Lyndsey Smith Photography
You’ll have to stay tuned to see what is coming in the future!