The Booking Process


The Booking Process

what happens at the consultation?


17 January 2018

When you are pregnant there seems to be a never ending list of appointments to attend, and booking a newborn session in advance can be daunting with so many Herefordshire photographers appearing to be offering similar services, and not knowing how you will feel after your baby is born. Worry not, I’m here to help the process and ensure that I’m the right photographer for you, making booking a newborn session as smooth as possible.

No matter how you get in touch initially, we will schedule an in-person consultation at my studio in Callow, before you book your session, so you can find out more about what I can offer you. This gives you the chance to have a tour of the studio as well as the opportunity to meet me face-to-face to ask any questions that you may think of between our first interaction and the consultation.

This is not a chance for me to pressurise you into booking, it’s the chance for you to get to know me and the studio. Trusting someone with your beautiful new baby is top priority for you as a parent, and it’s important that you feel comfortable. If after the consultation you are still unsure whether you wish to book, and wish to go away and have a chat about it, that’s perfectly fine to do so.

What happens during the consultation?
Firstly, we sit and have a chat. I will ask you some questions regarding you and your family, what kind of images you have seen of mine that you love, and what you hope to have at the end of your session.

This gives me an idea of what set ups to use during the session, but it also helps you to have an idea of what you will do with your images, whether you wish to display them large on the wall or to take away a portrait box to create your own wall display. It’s important that your images fit in with your home.

We tour the studio. We have a look at the blankets, wraps and props. If you don’t know the sex of your baby then it’s a great opportunity to cover both options so that when you arrive on the morning of your session I am set up and ready to start once baby has been fed.
We then talk some more!

Along the way you will have thought of lots of questions, this is the beauty of the consultation, it gives you the chance to ask them as they come up rather than trying to remember them to ask later.

If you do book at the consultation, I will ask you to read my terms and conditions and I will take the session fee to secure your due date in my diary.

You will be granted access to your client portal which hosts a wealth of information for preparing yourself and your new baby for the session so that you do not feel overwhelmed on the morning of the session, as this can be one of your first trips out. There is also a handy checklist with things to bring along with you.

All that’s left to do then is wait until your baby arrives to simply drop me an email and we book in the session.

To book your complimentary no obligation pre-session consultation, please get in touch by email or using the form below.

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