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what happens during the newborn session?


24 January 2018

Once your baby has arrived you will want not want to do anything other than sit and look at her beautiful sleepy face…but those first few weeks quickly fly by and once the newborn fog has lifted, you will forget what her little face looked like when she was so small and sleepy.

Capturing your baby as a newborn really does stop time – but what happens during a session?

Once you have given birth, you simply drop me a message and we arrange for the session to take place, usually when your baby is between 6-10 days. Newborns can be photographed up to 21 days, but if you have booked in advance I do advise that we schedule for before 14 days.

On the morning of the session you will arrive at the studio in Callow and once we have had a chat over coffee I will quickly go over the colour choices I have selected for the session which we discussed during our consultation, and I’ll get started. You can take a seat on the comfy sofa and relax, I want you to enjoy this process and not feel any stress so put your feet up!

I usually start with beanbag poses with baby in a vest or onesie, or wrapped to help them get off to sleep. I love the natural shots whilst I get to know your baby.

If baby is still awake I will continue with her wrapped. If baby does not want to sleep we can still have a wonderful newborn session, but we will not achieve the squishy naked shots.

Once we are done on the beanbag I will move onto props. Usually just a simple bowl or bucket. This is where you can incorporate the blanket that your granny made for you, or a special gift or toy.

If baby has an older sibling, we will have talked about my plan for them depending on their age, as a new baby can make life with a toddler or small child unpredictable! I tend to have a couple of set ups up my sleeve, starting with the beanbag but am always flexible.

We are very nearly finished, but I cannot let you leave without having some photographs of you and your new family. You will probably not be sure whether you want to be in the photographs since you have just given birth and not slept for days but if you decide you don’t love the images when you come back for your viewing, then you don’t need to purchase them, but you may regret it later!

That’s it, we are done!

At the end of the session you are welcome to stay to feed your baby, she has worked hard and will probably need it! We will then arrange a time for you to come back to view the images, usually 7-10 days after the session.

To book your complimentary no obligation pre-session consultation, please get in touch by email or using the form below.

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