Digital images are very sought after, after all, with a print release you can print from one file over and over, on your home printer (though I really would not recommend this!), in the supermarket (again, please don’t do this!) and from consumer printing labs, from a little 6x4″ print to a 30x20″ canvas. You would be mad not to want them, right…?

Before I answer that, I’m going to take you back in time.

Floppy disks were commercially released in the 1970s, evolving in storage size and physical size over the next two decades. CD’s replaced them with USBs closely following. Storage has evolved rather quickly over the years. Digital images are getting bigger in size with each decade that goes by, not to mention the fact that computers are unable to read floppy disks anymore, with CD drives currently being phased out by computer manufactures. So what happens when all your digital images are stored on media that cannot be read? Nothing! That is of course presuming you haven’t lost it, broken it or worst case scenario, the disc fails, because did you know that digital files are non-archival? A CD, USB, hard drive will fail eventually. It’s so important to print from these files before that happens.

So, please please print from those files before you lose them! So back to the original question. You’d be mad not to want them wouldn’t you? Well answer this first, what would you prefer your children to look at, a stunning portrait of themselves or a CD?