What should I bring to the photo shoot?

Having a new baby can be overwhelming without having to leave the house in the first two weeks! With these tips for what to bring along with you, hopefully some of that stress can be overcome.

It’s best to bring your baby with you for the newborn session!

Dress them in a simple button up baby-gro so we don’t have to take anything off over their head and layer with blankets so they don’t get too cold whilst outside between the car journey. It’s also recommended to fasten the nappy loosely so we don’t end up with ugly looking marks.

Bring extra feeds if you are bottle feeding or expressing. The studio is very very warm, so even if you think your baby will only have 1 bottle in the 4 hours we have scheduled, please bring extra as they will need it! The studio has facilities for warming bottles.

(Plenty of) Nappies & wipes
Never under estimate how many nappies a new baby goes through! Although your baby will be naked for some part of the session, during feeds it’s safer, for you, if your baby to have a nappy on. Wet wipes will become your new best friend over the next few years so it’s best that you don’t go anywhere without a pack!

Your outfit
If your sweet little baby does manage to pee on you (best case scenario), it’s best if you aren’t dressed in the outfit you brought with you for the shots with you. Photoshop is magic, but it’s more comfortable for you if you aren’t in wet clothes.

Two blankets
I have plenty of blankets at the studio but its nice for baby to have something that smells like mum for feeding and between set ups. It’s best to bring a spare incase of accidents.

Anything to make you comfortable
Feel free to bring a car load of stuff for your session! You can park directly outside the studios front door and it’s so important that you are comfortable. The studio has kitchen facilities as well as free wifi so bring any device you like, put your feet up and let me do the work!

To discuss what happens during a newborn session in more detail or to arrange a studio tour, get in touch