When you can’t book a newborn shoot


What should you do if you can’t book a newborn shoot right now?

With a global pandemic, social distancing and lockdown being real things right now it, unfortunately, means I’m unable to book any newborn shoots for the foreseeable future. But babies are still being born, even through all this. And I’m sure those of you expecting or recently celebrating your new arrivals are still wanting a photoshoot for your little ones. So, what should you do if you can’t book a newborn shoot right now?

Don’t Panic

The first thing, of course, is not to panic. 

The “ideal” time for a newborn shoot is indeed within the first 4 to 14 days after your little one has been born. In an ideal world, this is when the shoot would take place. We photographers like to shoot during this time because this is when baby’s usually sleepiest and easiest to settle. So, we can get lots of lovely photographs of them in their cute, curled up poses, which becomes more difficult to do beyond the first two weeks of life. 

That doesn’t mean we can’t still do a photoshoot with your little one beyond this stage, though. It just means that the posing and types of images you get might be a little different from what you originally expected. But that’s ok! They will still be gorgeous photographs worthy of being printed and put up on display.

awake newborn baby

Baby’s First Shoot

Yes, it might not be a “newborn” shoot in the sense you were expecting. But, think about it, it’ll still be baby’s first photoshoot and that counts for a lot!

Whatever baby’s age by the time they appear in front of my camera, it’s still going to be an event that you can get excited about. And you’re still going to get those lovely photographs of your little one to print and enjoy for years to come. 

We’ll still get pictures of your little bundle on their own. We may even get some sleepy photos of them, depending on their energy levels, which differ from baby to baby anyway. We’ll also be able to get photos of them with you and some lovely eyes open shots as well. 

The point is, it will still be a photoshoot and you’ll still get lots of beautiful photographs. Because they’re of your gorgeous little one, at the end of the day!

A Different Kind of Shoot

As I mentioned, because baby will be slightly older and no longer in that sleepy, curly phase, the shoot you expected might look a little different. Sometimes, older babies don’t like having clothes taken off, so it’s possible we won’t get those soft skin images you might have been wanting.

But we will still get lots of lovely photographs! 

We’ll focus, instead, on the cute outfits you can pop onto your little one. We can get lots of detail shots, like fingers and toes. And baby will likely be far more awake, so we’ll get loads of eyes open photographs and a great selection of all the expressions they pull at that age! You may even start seeing little glimpses of their personality which is always great to capture as well.

Think about the session being less posed but far more natural in the way it’s styled and shot. And I promise you, the photographs will look gorgeous, just as you wanted them to. 

How to get great phone photos of your newborn

While you’re waiting for your baby’s first shoot to happen, you could always capture some photographs at home on your phone! With the quality of phone cameras these days, it is doable. You just need a few little hints and tips first to help you get those perfect shots.

It just so happens that I’ve put together a little guide! It’s free for you to download and is all about how to document your baby’s first 48 hours using your phone. Why not download it now and give it a try!



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