When I first started Shooting Star Photography back in 2012 I flatly refused to do newborn photography and weddings. Why? Because I did not feel I was equipped for either. With a wedding, there is no redo! You mess it up, that’s it. No memories for the bride and groom. As for newborns, well they are so small and delicate, what if I hurt them? What if I mess up the session? With such a small time frame, again, you need to get it right first time!

Fast forward to April 2013 and I decided to do some online training in newborn photography. It ran through posing and things to look out for, such as curled fingers and loss of circulation to one area due to the pose. I began to build my portfolio and instead of adding newborn photography to the services I offered, I found I enjoyed the sessions so much that I wanted to only photograph babies!

In December 2013 I made the very brave (stupid?! ha!) move to become a full time self employed Photographer, specialising in newborn photography and baby’s first year. In January I trained for the day with one of the UKs leading newborn photographers. There was so much to learn! Even after training and researching newborn photography in great detail online, there are just some things you aren’t able to comprehend without someone taking you through it.

I never stop researching and training. I am always doing courses which help me to become a better photographer and offer my clients a great service. I have learnt to limit the number of sessions I take on each month so I can spend more time on a personal level with my clients. I therefore have time to meet each client before the session and go through what they hope to gain from the session and any ideas I have. I am also able to go through an ‘Image Reveal’ session 7-14 days after a photo session takes place so we can view the images from the session together, which removes a large feeling of being overwhelmed that can often come with an online gallery.

In July I had a wonderful friend visit me and show me his lighting method for maternity and newborn sessions and also use of props. It was a great two days and I learnt so much.
Baby Photos Hereford

I have really noticed a difference in my photography since then! Thanks Rob!

Baby Photos Hereford

Baby Photos Hereford

I love it when clients come back with their baby throughout the year and you see how much they have changed and how their little personality comes shining through a little bit more each time.